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Named for Yiddish poet Ida Maze (pronounced mah-zeh), Ida’s Salon Online takes its inspiration from the historic literary gatherings held at Maze’s Montreal apartment during the 1930’s. 4479b de l’Esplanade stood at the centre of a vibrant literary and artistic Yiddish milieu and offered encouragement and support to all: struggling poets, well-established authors, immigrants newly arrived to the island, musicians and artists. The beating heart of Yiddish Montreal, Maze’s salons became synonymous with a sense of shared culture, community and identity.

Ida’s Salon Online is a series of classical mini-concerts on period instruments. Taking Jewish figures of the past and present as our point of departure, each concert explores different facets of Jewish art, life and culture, bridging the past and present of the diaspora experience through the joyous exploration of historically-informed performance on period instruments.

Join us as we foray into this wonderful world of music and folklore!

Excitedly yours,

Gili Loftus